The Roaming Library is a ‘Mobile Library’ initiative, spearheaded by the Wahome Foundation, which is
a groundbreaking venture aimed at democratizing access to knowledge and learning resources.
In an ambitious move, we are transforming a bus into a fully equipped mobile library, designed
to reach marginalized and underserved communities. This innovative library-on-wheels will bring
a world of books, digital resources, and educational materials directly to those who need them
most, breaking down barriers of distance and accessibility.

Our vision is to create a roaming beacon of learning that inspires, educates, and empowers individuals in even the most remote areas. The Mobile Library is not just about books on shelves; it’s a dynamic space for community engagement, learning, and the sharing of ideas. With this initiative, we’re steering toward a future where every person, regardless of their location, has the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow.

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