Wahome Foundation

At the heart of the Wahome Foundation lies a commitment to nurturing potential and fostering sustainable change. Founded in 2009 by Wilson Wahome Kiriungi and his father the late Thomas D.K. Wahome, our journey began with a vision to uplift lives through education and community development. Today, we continue to honor this legacy, reaching out to communities with our four cornerstone initiatives.

"Not one life shall be destroyed, or cast as rubbish to the void, when God hath made the pile complete."


Our Key Initiatives


Prize Giving

Prize Giving Day, the flagship event of the Wahome Foundation, is a vibrant celebration ofacademic excellence and achievement. This inspiring one-day

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Thomas D.K. Wahome Scholarship

The Thomas D.K. Wahome Scholarship, established by the Wahome Foundation, stands as a lasting tribute to the remarkable life and enduring

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Roaming Reads

The Roaming Library is a ‘Mobile Library’ initiative, spearheaded by the Wahome Foundation, which isa groundbreaking venture aimed at democratizing access

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Wells of Hope

The ‘Wells of Hope‘ initiative, championed by the Wahome Foundation, is a lifeline project dedicated to drilling boreholes in arid areas.

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Become a Volunteer

Join the Wahome Foundation family as a volunteer and make a tangible difference in communities across Kenya.
Your skills, passion, and time can drive our mission forward, transforming lives through education, infrastructure, and empowerment initiatives.

Embrace the opportunity to be part of a legacy of change and service — become a beacon of hope and action. Sign up today to start your journey with us!